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In cases of fire, efficient response and downtime of your safety systems can mean the difference between huge operational losses or a salvageable business. Emerson Network Power provides a full complement of fire pump controllers you can count on to start every time without fail.


Our Firetrol® products lead the fire pump industry with technology-leading innovations for better fire protection, including part winding, wye-delta, autotransformer and solid-state starting residential fire pump controllers, listed high voltage fire pump controllers, and listed radiator cooled fire pump diesel engines. Firetrol fire pump controllers represent engineering excellence and product quality to ensure business-critical continuity even in fire emergencies.

Firetrol® FTA200 alarm panels are designed to meet the NFPA 20 specifications requiring a remote alarm panel when the pump house or pump room is not constantly attended. The alarm panel must be installed in a location that is under supervision at all times. Firetrol alarm panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with UL508, Standard for Industrial Controls, certified by CSA, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment (cUL), approved by the New York City Bureau of Electrical Control and Board of Standards and Appeals and Factory Mutual.
Firetrol® Jockey XG Pump Controllers are intended for use with fire pump systems. They are used for pressure maintenance in fire pump installations to prevent unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump.
Firetrol Fire Pump Controllers are factory assembled, wired and tested as a unit. The controllers are UL listed and FM Approved*. They completely conform to the latest edition of NFPA-20, Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection and NFPA-70, National Electrical Code.
* FTA750 Limited Service Controllers are not FM Approved, and FTA3100 Variable Speed Controllers are not FM approved at this time.
Firetrol® combined automatic and manual Mark II based diesel engine fire pump controllers are intended for starting and monitoring fire pump diesel engines. They are available for use with 12 or 24 volt negative ground systems using lead acid or nickel-cadmium batteries. The controller monitors, displays and records fire pump system information
FTA2000 Series Firetrol® Medium Voltage Fire Pump Controllers are UL Listed, FM Approved, conforming to the latest edition of NFPA-20 and NFPA-70. Voltages from 2,300 through 7,200.
Firetrol® Power Transfer Switches are available completely assembled with Firetrol Limited Service Controllers. The entire package of power transfer switch and controller is completely factory assembled, wired, tested and shipped as a complete unit for easy field connection to the power sources and the fire pump motor.
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