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ASCO automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and power monitoring
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Power Switching and Controls
Automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and power monitoring

Safeguarding facilities from operational discontinuity in the event of an electrical supply interruption, Emerson Network Power offers ASCO automatic transfer switches, non-automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and other emergency power control products for on-site management of alternate power sources.  Emerson's ASCO switchgear helps ensure availability of power for communications, data-processing and all other electronic equipment required for business continuity.

Reliably transfer business-critical loads to emergency sources with our line of industry-leading automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches. ASCO automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches from Emerson Network Power are applicable in many environments, ranging from residential, agricultural and light commercial applications to the critical power needs of healthcare, financial and data center facilities.

Protect your critical loads with low voltage transfer switches and switchboards designed for unique emergency power needs. Select from our line of automatic transfer switchboards, two-source or three-source power transfer systems depending on your requirement. For maximum flexibility, we can help you customize emergency power solutions depending on your application.

Emerson Network Power's line of ASCO power control systems offer wide-ranging features that make your facility’s emergency power system more effective and efficient, and digital microprocessor-based technology streamlines and simplifies total generator load control and engine management. Control a power system from easy-to-operate screens at the system, or monitor remotely from a control center or anywhere in the world over the Internet.

Our range of monitoring and control products support your your emergency or standby power system with ASCO PowerQuest® to help help automate, simplify and unify your power systems thereby reducing operational costs and improving overall productivity. Local and web-based networks are supported enabling access to critical system information on-site or anywhere in the world.

Select from our range of recognized lighting control and specialty products, remote control switches, gas panels and surge suppressors, each supported by time-tested design innovations and patented technology to support your business. Our industrial control systems are sure to increase your system's flexibility and reliability.

Access important product information and related documentation on this page for ASCO Power products that are no longer produced or sold.

ASCO Services Mission-Critical Care

Our comprehensive service portfolio extends beyond routine maintenance to include solution upgrades and technology training that ensure you get the most from your emergency power systems.
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