What is SmartSolutions?
SmartSolutions is a suite of integrated and pre-engineered solutions designed to address your challenges in IT infrastructure. They are easy-to-deploy solutions through an intelligent approach to racks and enclosures, power quality, precision cooling, access and control, management, monitoring and services.

Solutions for Various Applications and Scale

Optimize System Availability:

Enterprise-best practices applied to the rack, row and room through smart management of the IT infrastructure thru power protection, monitoring and services

Optimizing Environmental Conditions:
Addressing heat density through precision cooling and integrated enclosures for network closets, racks and small computer rooms.

Optimizing Efficiency:
Reducing costs from high energy consumption and equipment operating cost by increasing efficiency measures in the data center.

Available Through our High Value Solutions Partners
SmartSolutions is available to SMB and network enterprise customers exclusively through high value Solutions Partners, backed by the expertise and support of Emerson Network Power.

Emerson Solutions Partners are empowered to provide the same extensive expertise to your IT infrastructure thru SmartSolutions. Our partners have been properly trained and certified to offer SmartSolutions to customers, equipped with the technical support of Emerson Network Power.
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