Today’s networks are changing and so are we.
The newly-designed NetSure™ DC power platform is evolving to support today’s networks and the emerging technologies of tomorrow.
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Whether you’re looking for reliability, lower operating costs, better flexibility or just more physical space, our evolving NetSure DC power platform offers best-in-class power technologies for superior efficiency.

Core Network

 Increased intelligence to match utilization to capacity

 Future-proof design enables expansion with easy upgrades on existing systems

 Streamlined technology that reduces potential points of failure and ensures industry-leading reliability

Access Network

 Interchangeable components enable conversion between various power sources

 Flexibility for easy migration from 24V to 48V and 48V to 400V
 Best-in-class environmental tolerance increases reliability while reducing cooling costs and battery backup needs

 Advanced controller enables onsite and remote monitoring to improve efficiency and optimize performance

NetSure Evolution

 Emerson Network Power's DC power platform has been a trusted telecom resource for more than 40 years

 Emerson Network Power's expertise across telecommunications and IT means better synergy and fully integrated solutions

 Best-in-class power technologies are customized to fit most applications and meet specific global, regional and local needs
Innovative. Adaptable.

Performance you can
rely on.