Safety, reliability and performance even in the most extreme conditions.
Global industrial power solutions that meet the most demanding technical specifications and provide safe, reliable power – no matter the challenge.

core offerings

  • AC Power/UPS
  • Rectifiers/Battery Chargers
  • DC/AC Inverter Systems
  • Industrial UPS Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Integrated Power Protection Systems

AC Power/UPS

Configured or custom-made industrial UPS systems, designed for harsh operating conditions.

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Rectifiers/Battery Chargers

Configured or custom-made Industrial DC UPS systems (rectifiers and battery chargers).

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DC/AC Inverter Systems

DC to AC inverters used stand-alone or associated with a battery charger.

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Industrial UPS Diagnostics and Monitoring

Monitoring and diagnostic solutions dedicated to Industrial UPS.

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Integrated Power Protection Systems

A full set of solutions ensuring a high level of safety for the Industrial UPS.

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See the 2013 Studies on Data Center Outages for more on the frequency, root causes and costs of downtime.