Emerson's Firetrol Fire Pump Controllers - Winding, wye-delta, autotransformer and solid-state starting residential fire pump controllers, listed high voltage fire pump controllers, diesel engines

Fire Pump Controllers you can count on to start every time without fail.
Our Firetrol® products lead the Fire Pump industry with technology driven innovations to provide for the highest quality fire protection.
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Core Offerings

  • ​Alarm Panels
  • Jockey Pump Controllers
  • Electric Fire Pump Controllers
  • Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controllers
  • Medium Voltage Fire Pump Controllers
  • Power Transfer Switches for Fire Pumps

Alarm Panels

Remote Alarm indication for Electric and Diesel Fire Pump Controllers

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Jockey Pump Controllers

Used for pressure maintenance in fire pump installations to prevent unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump.

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Electric Fire Pump Controllers

Available in many starting configurations including soft start/stop and variable speed.

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Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controllers

Automatic and manual Mark II based diesel engine fire pump controllers intended for starting and monitoring fire pump diesel engines.

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Medium Voltage Fire Pump Controllers

Electric controller designed for high horsepower, medium voltage applications (2200-7200V)

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Power Transfer Switches for Fire Pumps

Connects the fire pump to a second, emergency power source for critical applications.

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