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Industrial Power

Reliable, industrial-grade UPS systems, battery chargers, inverters, and rectifiers for heavy duty, industrial use. Three-phase and single-phase output options and a wide range of systems for industrial environments form the core of Emerson Network Power's Chloride industrial power offering,

A full range of configured or custom-made industrial-grade UPS systems, designed for harsh operating conditions.
A full range of AC to DC converters, rectifiers and battery chargers to elaborate custom-made Industrial DC UPS systems.
A full range of DC to AC converters used stand-alone or associated with a battery charger.
A full set of monitoring and Diagnostic solutions dedicated to industrial UPS systems.
A full set of solutions ensuring a high level of safety for the Industrial UPS.

Securing Your Rail Infrastructure

While you ensure the best experience for your customers, we keep your infrastructure up and running with standard and industrial-grade solutions designed to meet your needs.

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