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Chloride North America Product Information 

As part of the integration into Emerson Network Power, we have consolidated our Chloride product offering in North America. Reference material for Chloride's North America product line can be found below. For manuals or other product related information, please contact us.

 Data Sheets
   EDP70Plus (12-36 kVA)
   EDP70Plus (30-80 kVA)
   90-NET (180-750 kVA)
   CP3020 (10-20 kVA)
   CP3150 (125-150 kVA)
   CP3150 (100 kVA)
   EPEM 10 kVA
   EPEM 15 kVA
   EPEM 20 kVA
   EPEM 30 kVA
   EPEM 40 kVA
   EPEM 50 kVA
   EPEM 65 kVA
   EPEM 75 kVA
   Parallel UPS Accessories
Active UPS (700-3000 VA)
Linear Plus Tower UPS (4-10 kVA)