Embedded Power DC-DC Converters

DC-DC Converters

Emerson Network Power's DC-DC converter products are renowned for their outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. These DC-DC converter products are used extensively by OEMs and system integrators for diverse applications in the healthcare (bio life science, dental, imaging, laboratory, medical), communications, computing, storage, business systems, test and measurement, instrumentation, and industrial equipment industries.

Emerson's portfolio of DC-DC conversion products includes isolated DC-DC converters , covering industry-standard sixteenth to full-brick form factors and power ratings from 3 to 700 watts, and five application-optimized families of non-isolated DC-DC converters. The company also produces non-isolated memory power and voltage regulator modules (VRMs) for processors, as well as a series of special 300 V input high power dc-dc converters and power conditioning modules.

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Emerson Network Power produces a wide range of bus converters, including one that is specifically designed for use in Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) systems. The ATC210 is one of the smallest dual-input ATCA-specific bus converter on the market. It combines an exceptionally small footprint, high power density isolated dc-dc converter with advanced digitally programmable power management functions.
Design engineers are attracted to FPGA Modules because of their programming flexibility. They allow you to easily change your product as end user needs change. Does it make any sense to then power your FPGA modules with inflexible analog power supplies? Altera, Xilinx and other FPGA manufacturers responded NO - it is better to incorporate flexibility throughout your FPGA design to respond quickly to changes in the future.
Emerson Network Power produces two series of High Voltage DC-DC Converters. These products are full-featured modules that include monitoring, protection and adjustment capabilities, as well as communication facilities for use when storing valuable end-user information.
Emerson Network Power's portfolio of Industry-Standard Isolated DC-DC Converters covers sixteenth- to full-brick form factors and power ratings from 3 watts to 700 watts.
Emerson Network Power offers an extensive range of Low Power DC-DC Converters for general-purpose industrial applications. Covering power outputs from 3 watts to 30 watts,
Emerson Network Power's MTC600 Series Power Modules provide a compact self-contained power solution for MicroTCA systems. The modules can support shelves, cubes and other system implementations, and are fully compliant with the PICMG MicroTCA.0 Revision 1.0 specification.
Emerson Network Power's portfolio of Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters is one of the most extensive in the industry. It includes five application-optimized product families, together with a series of specialized memory power and voltage regulator modules (VRMs) for processors, spanning an output current range of 3 to 105 A.
Emerson’s broad line of DC-DC Bricks are complemented by a range of AC input board mounted modules in the standard full through ¼ brick size. These active Power Factor Corrected (PFC) modules provide a regulated 380VDC to supply the input for the 380VDC to logic level DC-DC bricks. By using the combination of the AC-DC and DC-DC bricks, applications that require conduction or convection cooling, high temp, high shock & vibration, harsh environments and low profiles are addressed.
Emerson Network Power's extensive range of DC-DC converters includes a number of high-efficiency ultra low profile models for applications where above-board height is severely restricted.