DCIM Software

Emerson Network Power is addressing the challenges of the data center with the Trellis™ dynamic infrastructure optimization platform. Unlike any other DCIM solution, the Trellis™ platform delivers unprecedented, real-time visibility into critical infrastructures and the impact of changes.

With this unified and complete solution, you gain the power to visualize the real situation in your data center, make the right decision and take action with confidence.

​​The Albér Battery Xplorer has an intuitive user interface permitting easy review of battery condition and analysis along with probable cause and corrective actions of alarm conditions. The highly intuitive tool will aggregate all your battery data in one database from multiple product architectures to streamline user experience and learning curves. Essentially, only one software tool is needed to manage all your battery test programs.

The ultimate tool for keeping track of all of your assets.

​​Full tracking and reporting on the health of your devices.
Power System Manager enables control of the entire data center power system, all the way from the utility entrance down to rack power distribution. The module provides a comprehensive view of resource utilization and capacity, with awareness of the active power path and the status of each device in the power system. 
The Trellis™ Process Manager workflow is designed to help the organization work more efficiently while reducing the risks associated with changes in the data center.

The Trellis™ Mobile Suite will eliminate note taking, reduce the chance of errors through re-entering of data, increase staff efficiency and reduce time spent on audits. The Trellis Mobile Suite extends the real-time capabilities of the Trellis platform while physically being located in the data center.

The Trellis™ Platform Express Edition provides an out-of-the-box ​DCIM solution with the same features, functions and benefits as those found in the Trellis platform...just simplified.

Avocent DSView management software delivers the complete data center control necessary for the 24/7 data center.​​
Formerly Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer software, this powerful new offering arms companies with the flexible monitoring and reporting needed to more effectively manage their data centers.

Single source for reporting and analytics on the data center infrastructure offering visual management of the equipment, space, power, cooling and port connectivity. It automates management processes as they relate to the data center and integrates the required data into the organization's overall configuration management database.

Monitors the status and impact of the critical infrastructure through a unified view of the data center. It provides a vendor-independent monitoring platform, which interfaces with the broader enterprise monitoring systems to provide monitoring of the data center with an IT perspective.

Provides a standardized web services interface so that organizations can integrate Aperture solutions with other IT management systems and the broader ITSM framework. This solution includes a SOAP-based integration layer and tools, support for data- and process-driven interfaces to Aperture solutions and upgradeable, transaction-driven architecture to reduce the cost of ownership.

Aligns business forecasts with the current state and consumption trends for the infrastructure based on analysis of historical usage patterns to help IT proactively manage data center capacity and economically plan expansion and consolidation.

Aggregates and normalizes real-time data from disparate systems, devices and facilities to compute a risk-adjusted value that represents the actual load on resources. Using this actionable operational information, IT can better maximize utilization and improve efficiency.