Plant Life Cycle Support

Plant Life Cycle Support

Support for every critical electrical asset in your plant.

Electrical power is the pulse of your plant. It’s vital to your operations — but also dangerous and costly. When your electrical assets fail, profits and people can suffer.

Emerson can help you increase the availability and safety of your electrical assets, resulting in
fewer unexpected outages and accidents.

Through electrical testing, maintenance and engineering services, we can deliver the information
you need to make smarter, more profitable decisions about each asset in your electrical distribution system.

Prevent downtime through preventive and predictive maintenance and repair for your batteries.
Electrical cables and bus are integral to your system's operation. Learn more about Emerson's startup and maintenance services for cables and bus.
Circuit breakers are one of the most important safety mechanisms in your plant. Ensure their reliable operation with Emerson's circuit breaker services.
Experts work with you during startup, and for preventive maintenance thereafter to ensure continued effective performance from your grounding system.
Ensure your plant's meters are precise and accurate with Emerson's expert services for meters.
Emerson's services for motor control centers can help you identify problems before they cause an unplanned shutdown.
Creating and updating your single-line diagrams and short circuit and coordination studies to assure proper settings and coordination of your relays.
Automatic transfer switches make it possible to transfer to backup power during fault and outage situations. Learn more about Emerson's services to ensure your switches function properly.
Emerson provides complete electrical testing, maintenance and engineering services to extend the life of your switchgear.
Transformer services including commissioning and startup, predictive and preventive maintenance, IR /thermography, ultrasonics, turnaround services, repair and retrofit services, emergency services and educational services.
The uninterruptible power supply provides backup power when you need it. Ensure their peak performance with Emerson's electrical testing and maintenance services.
Cable Acceptance Testing
Verify cable installation with Partial Discharge Testing