Emerson Network Power Solution: By Application


Regardless of time or location, someone is always using a computer or making a call. The role of technology in powering the world’s economy cannot be overlooked – nor can the systems that power and protect these vital computing and communication technologies. In an always-on global marketplace, reliable power solutions are critical; any interruption to the data and telecom network infrastructure translates into lower productivity, lost revenue, and frustrated customers.

Emerson Network Power's computing and communication solutions empower you to meet the demand for uptime -- it's just another advantage of dealing with the industry leader in power solutions.

Data Center/Networking
Whether a data center houses 3 racks or has more than 100 IT racks, deployment of new technologies with high power densities is impacting the power and cooling systems that business-critical servers and communications devices depend on for their performance and reliability. Thanks to critical infrastructure systems from Emerson Network Power, businesses can respond to changes in density, capacity and availability while achieving greater operating flexibility, higher system availability and lower total costs.​​
Wireless Access
Wireless and mobile communications are becoming more essential and more complex. Meeting consumer needs requires innovative thinking across the network—from satellite transceivers to cell site multiplexers to Code Division Multiple Access products. Emerson Network Power provides products and solutions to support these needs as well as the Global System for Mobile communication and emerging technologies like WiMax.​
Hybrid Energy
Rapidly deployed and operationally efficient is achievable in both off-grid and on-grid environments. To achieve this, you must first determine the necessary balance between capital cost and operational efficiency at your smart hybrid site.  Emerson Network Power Hybrid Energy Solutions can help you rapidly deploy sites and achieve your operational goals.
Cloud computing implementations have the potential to drive significant improvements in operational efficiency and reductions in operational expenditures.  However, before you launch a cloud application, you need to prepare your data center for normal peaks in demand as well as the odd spikes from sudden and intense cloud utilization.